(Water treatment equipments)

FRP Filter

Used for Swimming pool, Theme park, Spa, Aquaculture, Aquarium, Industrial water treatment. (2.5bar-10 bar)
Can produce All-in-one seamless filter with Micron FRP (More than 30 years experience)
With Non-metallic spares FRP filter, have excellent chemical/mechanical durability than metal(Steel) filter
Easy to move& install due to light weight


Can apply to residence use, commercial use and industrial use. (Swimming pool, Spa, Aquaculture, cooling tower)
Persistent use – Making pump body (from strainer port to volute) with injection molding technology
High corrosion-resistant by using STS 316

Small size pump for swimming pool(0.5hp~2hp)

  1. - Aquamite
  2. - Supatuf
  3. - Supastream
  4. - Hydrostorm

High performance medium/large pump(3hp~15hp)

  1. - Hydrostorm
  2. - Hydrostar
  3. - Hydrostar Plus


Pre-treatment filter which installed in front of the sand filter. Filters out 80% contaminants in advance before water enters the main filter
Can save significant amount of water used for backwashing. Minimize filter system maintenance and reduce the filter load
Filtering water with cyclone principle. Products that do not require media cleaning and replacement