(Zirconia beads & powders)

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Product Name Identification Suitability Benefits

Zirpro CY3Z

Yttria Zirconia Structural ceramics - High strength, wear & scratch resistant
- Smooth finish

Zirpro GY3Z

Ready to press granules - Produced by spray-drying of CY3Z powder with binders
- Suitable for both uniaxial pressing and cold isostatic pressing (CIP)

Zirpro Zirmil Y

Ceramic microgrinding beads Grinding beads for paints, inks, coatings, minerals, ceramics - Unique Yttria doped Zirconia powder
- High milling efficiency and high wear resistance

Cerpass HTB ZF

Zirconium Oxide Powders (Zirconium dioxide) Ceramic materials - Uniform, sub-micron crystals
- Minimize grain growth at high temperatures

Silica Fumes

Amorphous silica fumes Ceramic materials and concrete - Characteristics of silica with a certain amount of zirconia powder