CEO Greeting

Welcome and thank you for visiting UPC Corporation Ltd.

Since our establishment in August 1998, UPC has been focusing on four main business sectors.

Firstly supplying various chemicals from UK (Ineos), USA (Ingevity), Sweden (Perstorp), USA (Exxonmobil), Taiwan (Borica) and China. Secondly handling food additives from France (Novacarb), USA (Innophos), China and more. Thirdly covering machineries and equipment from Australia's Waterco (water treatment) and USA's LA Turbine (Turbo expander). Lastly, UPC is involved in green-house gas reduction scheme and was the first one to start Korea's CDM project.

UPC members are committed to meet customers' expectations and hope to grow together.

UPC Corporation Ltd. CEO 
D. K. Seo